Most Wanted Diamond Cuts In the World

Most Wanted Diamond Cuts In the World

Purchasing a diamond ring can be overwhelming; you need to have a basic understanding about inclusions, certificates a, colors and grading scales for you to be an informed decision. Start by asking yourself the question whether you know about the 4Cs, this is what describes the grading system used for diamonds. The 4Cs stand for cut, clarity, carat and color. Cut is the most important and challenging of all, as it is used to describe diamonds relationship with light. This is what earns the stone points on the certificate.

Below are some of the most preferred diamonds cuts around the globe.

1.    Round diamondRound diamond

This is the most famous cut and in tradition it has been the basis of a good quality diamond. Many people love its shape because it suits many sizes and shapes of hand.An all round diamond is brilliant because it has 58 facets. As a matter of fact they are expensive than other fancier cuts if the cost is based on per carat. The yield is relatively low but the demand is always increasing. When cutting the round diamond much off the rough stone is lost and therefore the remaining carats are pricier.

2.    Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamondIf you are looking for a diamond with a fancy cut then this should be a perfect choice for you. Princess cut diamond shape is normally a square or a rectangle. It was produced back in 1960,and looks great on someone with long is becoming popular because it exhibits unique magnificence. The good news is that it is priced lower than round diamond because its shape is similar to that half octahedron rough stone from which the diamond is cut. Because of the similarity two equal diamonds are extracted from the same stone with only a little waste.

3.    Oval cut diamond

 oval cut diamondThe symmetrical shape of oval cut diamond is a perfect choice for women whose fingers are long but the hands are short. This is a brilliant round cut which is almost similar to round diamond. The shape is bit elongated making the diamond look larger in size than its actual size. The diamond looks really nice for some women with long fingers. It is a perfect choice for women who want to deviate from traditions and prefer round cuts. A thinner cut diamond lined with side stones looks more attractive than those which are narrow.

4.    Marquise diamonds

Marquise diamondsThis is a diamond cut that was based on the smile of Marquise de is a modified and an elongated version of the cut. The diamond could be a standalone but it also blends well with other smaller stones. Its narrow and long size cut creates an illusion that it is large in size making it a perfect choice for someone who wants to maximize the size. They should always have prongs so that they are well cushioned on both sides.

5.    Pear shape diamond

Pear shapeThis is a cross breed between oval cut diamond and Marquise cut. Its point is tapered and this makes it resemble a teardrop. The fact that it is hybrid makes it more attractive but you need a five carat for it to look more brilliant and have perfect symmetry.

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