7 tips for selling diamonds and diamond rings in San Diego

7 tips for selling diamonds and diamond rings in San Diego

There are many places in San Diego where you can obtain instant cash and sell your diamond. www.sandiegogoldanddiamondexchange.com/diamond-jewelry is highly recommended. The only problem is when it comes to getting the right value your diamond ornament is worth. Most other jewelry stores will offer you very unfair deals, because they want to take advantage of the fact that you need money instantly. Here are a few things you should consider before walking into the trap.

  1. What is the shape of your diamond?

    The shape of your diamond affects the price, for instance a fancy shaped diamond like Victorian cut, Trilliant, Heart and Marquise are more complicated when it comes to price evaluation than brilliant cuts which are easier to sell. If a buyer is confident that he/she is going to get a ready buyer for your gold the easier it is for him to buy your gold. If the shape of your diamond is not in demand then automatically you will get a lower price.learn more on diamond shape at http://www.elizabethterryjewelry.com/most-wanted-diamond-cuts-in-the-world/

  2. If your diamond has any certification then this will help the buyer in pricing your diamond as it eliminates any need for them to grade your diamond. in most cases the findings of the buyers grading does not perfectly match what is on the certificate.
  3. You should be aware of the fact that the price a san Diego buyer will offer you is low compared to the retail price. This is understandable considering that the buyer is risking by purchasing your diamond or diamond ring. In simpler terms the buyer is not sure whether they will resell the ring at any profit or how long they have to hold onto it before they find an eligible buyer.7 tips for selling diamonds and diamond rings in San Diego
  4. Understand that the retail replacement cost is the evaluation worth of your diamond. The price has no grounds in the price you decide to sell your diamond ring at.
  5. It is worth noting than pawn shops in san Diego operate businesses which require liquid cash.it is for this reason that they want to resell you diamond quickly than other established diamond buyers or jewelers. In this regard you might get a lower loan offer from a pawn shop than you may get if you decide to sell the diamond ring to a diamond byer or a jeweler.
  6. Some diamond buyers who say that the only thing that holds value on the ring is the diamond and that they will sell the ring at a scrap value of the diamond, you should avoid such buyers. Good jewelry that has handcraftsmanship often has a high value and should not be melted down or shopped apart.
  7. If it is possible consider selling your diamond or diamond ring to a relative or a friend in San Diego. This way you may get a better price by selling your item privately without any intermediary. You can search online for viable San Diego diamond buyers, pawn shops, refineries and more before making a decision where top sell your diamond ring.

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